Research shows tutoring has a positive effect on students

Tutoring research | Windy City TutoringResearch shows that tutoring improves a student’s attitude and performance in school.   Studies also show that students show improvement in non-tutored subjects too.

Dr. Rachel Weiss reported: “Tutoring, whether delivered by a trained professional or similar age peer, has a variety of positive academic, attitudinal, and socio-emotional outcomes for tutors and tutees (e.g., Britz, Dixon, & McLaughlin, 1989; Cohen, Kulik, & Kulik, 1982; Rohrbeck, Ginsburg-Block, Fantuzzo, & Miller, 2003). Tutored students have been shown to spend more time in academic instruction and engagement (Greenwood, 1991). Tutoring can facilitate growth of more effective cognitive and learning strategies among tutees that can improve future performance, and generalize to other non-tutored disciplines.” Read more….

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